Buckeyes Bungles Keep Adding Up Like Routs Against Akron

Buckeye Fans Are Out On a Limb in Supporting Their Team.

This Ohio State story is like a burger from Ercoles. It just gets juicier and juicer.

Within a week, Head Coach Jim Tressel resigns, Sports Illustrated comes out with an article saying there’s been a history of what the NCAA would term a “lack of institutional control” and now a former friend – of course he’s now a former friend – of Terrelle Pryor says the former star quarterback received upwards of $40,000 for signing Buckeye merchandise.

The Ohio State football program is in more of a tailspin than when John Cooper couldn’t beat Michigan. Who in Columbus would have thought of those as the good ‘ol days!?

And this is just the appetizer.  The real meat of Tressel, Pryor and OSU football has yet to be grilled. Half the football team – at least – is reportedly involved in trading merchandise for tattoos and perhaps cars and even cash.

Oh, this is tasty for anti-OSU people.

Tressel has been hiding things under that sweater vest for years – he and Ohio State should have been busted USC style for Maurice Clarett  – like Larry Kroger stuffing meats under his sweater at the Food King in Animal House. And the NCAA has been like Clorette, the teenage check-out girl, who treated it like a fraternity prank and let him get away with it.

But this time, in large part because Tressel lied, the NCAA will be more like Douglas C. Neidermeyer (Sergeant at Arms).  This isn’t Marshall or Akron. It’s more like Michigan under Bo Schembechler.

One wonders what is coming next. It’s as exciting as a Pryor pass against Purdue. It could be more players defecting or former players, friends of players (or soon to be former players), car dealers, tattoo employees or “associates” spilling the beans to a horde of hungry reporters.

How about normal college students letting off steam in a bar. That’s the real heartbeat of a university, the students. They see the truth, even if Tressel’s scholarly eyeglasses and his supporters are fogged by victories and accolades from going 9-1 against Michigan.  The students know what’s happening. Perhaps they will talk in exchange for free food and beer. (Hey students, you’re hosed anyway, might as well get a few pitchers out of this mess.)

You just wait, there’s a lot more ready to come out about Ohio State football, the players, Tressel and Pryor in the coming weeks and months. Pryor has, wisely, bailed to the NFL (or perhaps even the CFL, where he would disappear from the American landscape like a hockey puck) but he leaves behind a very tangled web.

As does his head coach.

The Ercoles Burger, juicy and delicious, in Manhattan Beach, CA.

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